Martha Argerich : A scene from childhood.

A scene from childhood:


The first time I heard a recording of Martha Argerich I was around 12 or 13.  It was a cassette with her recording of the C minor partita by Bach. Back then I owned very little music to listen to so this became my day-to-day “soundtrack”. I fell in love with her playing; the phrasing, the nuances and the spirit in her music making.  I became a fan.

To make my point clear:

The very first CD I ever owned was the Argerich debut recording with Deutsche Gramophone. The first DVD I owned was a recording of the Schumann Concerto.



Argerich – Tchaikovsky Concerto – Verbier

 A couple of weeks ago I read somewhere over the Internet that Martha was scheduled to perform the Tchaikovsky concerto at the opening ceremony of the Verbier festival. As you can imagine, my excitement was beyond description and I made sure that I was completely free to enjoy the live webcast of this concert.

The horns started playing their famous opening line and all I could think is that this was like watching history. After all It had been ten years since she played this concerto and I was watching a live webcast of it. She was… like always…terrific.

After she finished the concerto the audience couldn’t contain itself and gave her 5 rounds of applause. With each round of applause I started thinking of what a great artist she is and the respect that she gets from her audience. It also made me think of my own admiration towards her and how ,even though I don’t know her personally, she has always been a direct influence in me : after all, I fell in love with piano playing because of her recordings.



So, thank you Martha.!


- Carlos Vargas